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The Evolution of the BRUSH HAWG

Nu-Life’s manufacturing division, then known as Nu-Life Products Inc., started building a truck mounted knuckleboom grapple loader as brush and limb loader over 30 years ago.

The first models were designated as the 1700-A (trailer-style), and the 1700-B (straight truck style).

In 2000, production of the grapple loader and the dump body moved to the Hwy 123 location in Easley SC. The 2000A (trailer style) and 2224B (straight truck style) became the new model designation.

Since its inception, the Brush Hawg knuckleboom loader has gone through several design modifications to better meet the needs of our customers and to increase its performance and longevity in the field.

In 2010, Brush Hawg replaced the 2224B Model with the 2224C Model. This loader features a new main boom design which increases the machine’s below grade reach capability.  Additionally the bucket / clam shell rotator was replaced with a version that produces higher torque than its predecessor.

Brush Hawg is constantly researching ways to improve the product to be the best best in the industry.

Design changes that evolved over the years

  • Telescopic tip boom became the standard.
  • 4-way stabilizers replaced the A-frame stabilizers
  • Electronic Proportional Controls on a pendent were replaced by Direct Linkage Multi-Lever controls
  • A Planetary Gear Drive replaces the original rack and pinion design on the main rotator
  • Control Stations move forward for better operator comfort and safety
  • The main boom design changed from (2) formed channels welded down their center line to a single-piece stuctural tube.
  • A Hose Retract Box was added to protect the hoses on the Tip Boom Extension
  • Removable guards were added to the bucket to protect cylinders and hoses
  • Replaceable, reversible bolt-on bucket blades became standard
  • Air-over-Hydraulic Joystick Controls is offered as an option
  • AWC-Model with All Weather Controls, in-cab Joystick Controls

Please review the Brush Hawg C-Model Specifications and Lifting Capacity Chart and Brush Hawg AWC-Model Specifications to see how Brush Hawg outperforms the competition.