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BRUSH HAWG Grapple LoaderBrush hawg truck mounted Grapple Loader
Options and Accessories 

  • Hoist Systems
  • Joy Stick Controls
  • Custom Bodies and Features
  • Safety Option and Accessories

Brush Hawg is constantly developing new options and accessories to meet the needs of our municipal and private sector customers.

The Brush Hawg dump body can be customized to fit almost any applications. We build the best knuckleboom loader dump body in the industry. Ask your local Brush Hawg Dealer to bring their demonstrator unit to your location so you can see and experience the Brush Hawg difference.


Our most popular and readily available options for your Brush Hawg grapple loader:

Optional Scissor Hoist
23 ton Scissor Hoist

Cable Hoist Combo Unit
Joy Stick (ir over Hydraulic) Option
Air-over-Hydraulic Joystick Controls

Heavy Duty Dump Body

Roll-Rite Trap System

Manual Tarp System, Spring Loaded

Boom Over-Height Light / Alarm

Stabilizer Not Retracted Alarm / Light

Upper Rear Barn Door - Amber Strobing Lights

Rear, Under Dump Body - Surface Strobe Lights

Front Bumper Strobing Lights, Clear or Amber

Upper Rear Barn Door Brake Lights

Rear Vision Camera System

Rear Camera Location

Rear Directional Arrows on Barn Doors

Exterior Tool Box

20# Exterior Fire Extinguisher and Bracket

Exterior Tool Holder

Exterior Shovel Holder

Wheel Chock and Bracket

Bolt-on Rubber Pads on Stabilizer

Custom In-Cab Control Panel

Oil Cooler

Custom Dump Body with Man-Door

Dump Body -

Exterior Dirt Shedders  
Safety Cone Holder Option
Safety Cone Option (Cone not included)